Warranty Information

To all of our loyal and future customers we want to draw a distinction between warranties and service. In general warranties are through manufacturers. Most if not all manufacturers want it this way and will note this in the kit manual. We will always assist you in any claims but be aware that most manufacturers do not warranty:

· Accidents

· Misuse

· Abuse

· Negligence

· Modifications

· Damage due to incorrect operation or maintenance

· Breaking factory seals on electronics

· Attempting unauthorized repairs

· Consumables such as batteries

· Products where the factory applied serial number has been altered or removed

We service what we sell. That means we sell products that can be repaired with replacement parts or modified with upgrade parts. When you buy something from Modesto Hobby you won’t have a toy that cannot be repaired. Service also means that we can help you with any modifications and upgrades. These modifications and upgrades can be for performance, durability, or appearance. These things are what a hobby is all about. We do encourage you to learn as much as you can so you can do it yourself. Obviously we want your hobby experience to be an enjoyable one. When you do your own repairs and modifications it can lead to a real sense of pride. You may discover new ways to solve old problems or new ways to get more out of your product. There are magazines and websites full of articles by enthusiast doing the very same things!